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Abolition 2000
Missles to Sunflowers

Berkeley CODE PINK &
U.S. Marine recuiters
Vietnam: Berkeley's Battlefield
Army of None Eyewitness Account from Palestine / Israel
Michael Parenti
Army of None
Berkeley Tree-sit 2008
Eyewitness Account from Palestine / Israel Remembered light U.S. Army Chaplain Frederick McDonald
Thomas Dunphy Alan Cranston
Gen. Waste-More-Land
Thomas Dunphy
Closed the School of the Americas Alan Cranston: Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Emilio Segrè  “It was Wartime
Edward Said
Out of Place: A Memoir
Mother's Day
for Peace 1999
Inauguration Day Protest 2001 Peace March 2003
Impeach Bush Hiroshima Merchant Seamen WWII veteran Status Code Pink Demonstration 2008
Impeach BUSH "Hiroshima, 1965" "How Much IS Enough" Andrew Stern Vietnam Memorial Wall 1997 Belated Thanks to Merchant Mariners Code Pink Demonstration 2008
Marine Corps Recuiting
Vietnam Wall in Berkeley Honoring Berkeley WWI Veterans
Merchant Mariners & Vietnam Allan Nairn
Future of East Timor
DARHT Attack on
Nuclear Free Berkeley
Berkeley W.W.I Veterans
Memorial Oak Grove
Dialogue with Cuba Don't let Shell Oil Kill Again Alexander Cockburn speaking to the War on Drugs  
Dialogue with Cuba 98
UC Berkeley Campus
Don't Let Shell (Oil)
Kill Again
City of Berkeley Fourm  
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