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Berkeley Civics UC Berkeley Long-range Development Plan 2020 UC Berkeley as a Neighbor Public Forum Berkeley Downtown Area Plan
CIVIC AFFAIRS INDEX UC Berkeley Long-range Development Plan PRESENTATIONS - PART 1 Berkeley Downtown Plan First hearing - 2005
Longest Walk at the BFUU Don Jelinek Berkeley Mayorial kickoff 1997 Berkeley Touch of A Poet TV Series  
Berkeley Fellowship Benefit Don Jelinek for Mayor 1997 Touch of Poet Cable Series  
kpfa Berkeley Pepper spray Debate at City Council Buffalo Field Campaign Benefit in Berkeley
KPFA Free Speech Radio
Turns 50 in Protest

Pepper Spray Debate at
Berkeley City Council 9/9/1997

Buffalo Field Campaign Benefit in Berkeley Bridging the Digital Divide City of Berkeley Telecommunications Task
on Berkeley Soil Council Brownfield, Containment Presentation weapons develoment at the Lawrebce Berkeley Laboratory Berkeley Community Radiation Forum
1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake Council Brownfields Policy presentation Berkeley Lab Nuclear Weapons Research Berkeley Community Radiation Forum
Ohlone Park East Outstanding Women in Berkeley Voices from the Berkeley Oak Grove Berkeley's Warm Water Measure C USERS
Ohlone Park EAST 2021
"Improvements" proposal
Outstanding Women of
Berkeley 20th Anniversary
Memorial Oak Grove
Campaign to Save Berkeley's
Warm Water Pool
The Last Appeal for the Berkeley Stadium Memorial Oak Grove Don Jelinek Roast and honor Congresswoman Barbara lee's Berkley Town Hall
The Last Appeal for the Berkeley Stadium Memorial Oak Grove Public Works "Moving into
the 21st Century "
Don Jelinek Roast and Honor Congresswoman Barbara Lee
Berkeley Town Hall
Berkeley's Hayward Fault Berkeley High School wrestling 1998 Code Pink Berkeley Berkeley in the War
Hayward Fault Berkeley High School
Wrestling 1998
Code Pink Berkeley
Marine recruiting 2007
Berkeley in the War
Vietnam Wall
Don't Spy on Me. Kyoto Protocol Berkeley Chief Roy Mayor Tom Bates, Berkeley at its Best
Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) & Berkeley Berkeley Endorsement of the Kyoto Protocol

Swearing- In Ceremony
Police Chief Roy L. Meisner

Don Jelinek exparte Berkeley pirate Radio Berkey Community Policing in Berkeley
Don Jelinek - SNCC and more Exparte Berkeley Free Radio Berkeley Berkeley Community Policing
Woman Vision Japan Peace Conference in Berkeley 2001 Berkley environmental clean up polcy discussion Foothill Pedestrian Bridge

Woman Vision
Public Access

Japan Peace Conference in Berkeley 2001 Berkeley City Council on Environmental Clean Up 1996 Foothill Pedestrian Bridge
UC Berkeley
Berkeley's War on Drugs Maudelle Sjirek Margaret Breland First Rules Committee in Berkeley
City of Berkeley "War on Drugs" Forum Maudelle Shirek
In Rememberance
Margaret Breland City Council 1st Rules
Committee 2003
berkeley Animal Shelter City of Berkeley 125 years old NBSC project and community impacts Interim Mayor Jeffrey Shattuck Lelter
Berkeley's Animal Shelter Berkeley turns 125 years old North Berkeley Senior Center Community Impacts 2020 Jeffrey Leiter - Interim Mayor
Merchant Seamen - Veteran Status Berkeley Rent Control History New CNG Fueling Station Berkeley
Merchant Seamen
Veteran Status
Berkeley Rent Control History Berkeley Rapid Transit BRT
Bus Only Lanes 2008
Berkeley's CNG Station
Grand Opening 2001
Earthday 2000 Portal to the Bay: Berkeley Storm Drainage system Berkeley Attenna Debacle Public Works: Traffic in Transit
Berkeley Earth Day 2000 Berkeley Storm Drainage System Public Safety CELL TOWER City of Berkeley Fleet
Berkeley Poor Laws Hilda Roberts Berkeley Library community speaks out Berkeley Daily Planet, just the news
Berkeley Poor Laws Hilda Bell Roberts Board of Library Trustees Berkeley Daily Planet
Berkeley caspsicum pepper spray City of Berkeley Conflict of Interest berkeley Sunshine Celebrating Twenty-five Years of Civilian Oversight
Discussion about police use
of pepper spray
City of Berkeley?...of course! Berkeley Community Sunshine Workshop 2008 Celebrating Twenty-five Years of Civilian Oversight
Civic Hall Seimic Retrofit celebrating PRC 30 years Warning, LBL dumps Radioactive Waste in Berkeley Berkeley & San Francisco Pride 2013
Civic Hall Renovation
Dedication 2001

Celebrating 30 years of Civilian Oversight

Tritium Issues Community
Work Group (TIWG)
Berkeley PRIDE 2013
BAAQMD Mobile Monitor tour in Berkeley city of Berkeley 125th anniversary Cal green party 1997 ecology of Strawberry canyon Berkeley
West Berkeley Air monitor Tour 125th City of Berkeley
Incorporation BIRTHDAY
Gathering of Green Party Representatives
in Berkeley 1997
Ecology of Strawberry Canyon
Allan Narin East Timor     under construction
Allan Narrin Soeaking in Berkeley      

Community Fourms & Hearings
City Council
Community Events

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