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Berkeley Civics Berkeley Downtown Area Plan Civic Hall Seimic Retrofit Foothill Pedestrian Bridge
  Berkeley Downtown Plan
First hearing - 2005
Civic Hall Renovation
Dedication 2001
Foothill Pedestrian Bridge
UC Berkeley
Outstanding Women in Berkeley Voices from the Berkeley Oak Grove Community Policing in Berkeley
Berkeley Rapid Transit BRT
Bus Only Lanes 2008
Outstanding Women of
Berkeley 20th Anniversary
Memorial Oak Grove
Berkeley Community Policing
Merchant Seamen - Veteran Status Japan Peace Conference in Berkeley 2001 Code Pink Berkeley Berkeley in the War
Merchant Seamen
Veteran Status
Japan Peace Conference in Berkeley 2001 Code Pink Berkeley
Marine recruiting 2007
Berkeley in the War
Vietnam Wall
Don't Spy on Me. Kyoto Protocol Berkeley Chief Roy Berkeley's Warm Water Measure C USERS
Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) & Berkeley Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) & Berkeley

Swearing- In Ceremony
Police Chief Roy L. Meisner

Campaign to Save Berkeley's
Warm Water Pool
berkeley Sunshine Berkley environmental clean up polcy discussion New CNG Fueling Station Berkeley

Punlic Works "Moving into
the 21st Century "

Berkeley Community Sponsored SUNSHINE Workshop 2008 Berkeley City Council on Environmental Clean Up 1996 Berkeley's CNG fstation
Grand Opening 2001
Don Jelinek Maudelle Sjirek Margaret Breland Interim Mayor Jeffrey Shattuck Lelter
Don Jelinek - SNCC Maudelle Shirek
In Rememberance
Margaret Breland Jeffrey Leiter - Interim Mayor
berkeley Animal Shelter Hilda Roberts don't spy on me, Radio Frequency Identification Berkeley Library community speaks out
Berkeley's Animal Shelter Hilda Bell Roberts Radio Frequency Identification Board of Trustees Meeting
  Berkeley Rent Control History    
  Berkeley Rent Control History City Council 1st Rules
Committee 2003
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