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Berkeley Memorial Oak Grove Video Shorts are part of a series of YouTube publications that were posted during the 644-day tree-sit at the Memorial Oak Grove on the UC Berkeley campus, beginning on December 2, 2006. These images and voices are all that remain of the Memorial Oak Grove that the UC Regents destroyed.

From the first days of the nation's longest urban tree-sit, the UC Berkeley Police were determined to criminalize this enormous free speech action. As a consequence, UCB entangled over 200 participants (mostly young people) in the legal system and sent some of them to the county jail. The frequent brutality experienced by these tree activists at the hands of the campus police was ultimately directed at the Oak Grove itself. Today, only a few trees remain where the majestic Memorial Oak Grove once stood. These Berkeley community actions serve as a reminder of what is in store for those who dare to stand-up against environmental injustices and the corporate forces (axes) of the University of California Regents.

This is also a tribute to the hundreds of community members who stood up to voice their concerns and who gave their support to the tree-sitters and the oaks.

Berkeley Tree-sit Documentary

Berkeley Tree-sit Documentary

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Memorial Oak Grove
Spiral Dance
Trees are living spirits Winter Solstice 2006 About Bcitizen@YouTube
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Oak Grove War Veterans Afterbuffalo playing the Memorial Oak Grove oak grove press conference Berkley protect Ohlone Burial Sites Berkeley
Berkeley W.W.I Veterans
Memorial Oak Grove
Phoenix Sigalove
Afterbuffalo music gathering
Oak Grove Press
Conference 3 "Ladies"
Ohlone Burial Grounds
Protect Sacred Sites
Memorial Oak Grove Tree-sit musical benefit Cirkus Pandemonium at the Memorial Oak Grove Michael Rossman Memorial Oak Grove 500 Hundy Celebration at Memorial Oak Grove
Oak Grove Musical Benefit Cirkus Pandemonium Michael Rossman 1939-2008 500th day Berkeley Tree-Sit
choose love - not fear Dona Spring defends the Berkeley Oak Grove Fear of Flying
Choose Love - not Fear
Treespirit Photo Shoot
Dona Spring
Berkeley Oak Grove
Fear of Flying
Save the Oaks
Memorial Oak Grove
Early Morning RAID
Tree-sitter medical attention delayed wavy Gravy in Berkeley Grandmothers feed Berkeley Oak Grove Tree-Sit UC Police block resuppy of Memorial Oak Grove Tree-Sit
Medical Attention Delayed "Let the trees be consulted"
Wavy Gravy
Grandmothers Feed Memorial
Oak Grove Tree-Sit
UCB Police Third Fence
Blocks Tree-Sit Supplies
Country Joe - Hokey Oakey Berkeley Oak Grove Tree-sit first Birthday
Country Joe McDonald
"Hokey Oakey"
Memorial Oak Grove
1st. Tree-Sit Birthday
Summer Solstice At
Memorial Oak Grove
Memorial Oak Grove
Michael Rossman free speech then and now Free Speech, Free Trees Berkeley Memorial Oak Grove UC Berkeley campus police violence and misconduct
Michael Rossman
Free Speech 101

Memorial Oak Grove 24-Hour Community Tree Sit-In

Free Speech, Free Trees
UCB Student Coalition
UC Campus Police
Violence & Misconduct
Oak Grove Injuction
Oak Grove Protesters
Preliminary Injunction
Memorial Grove
Winter Solstice Party 07
Second Police Fence at
Memorial Oak Grove
First Police Fence at
Memorial Oak Grove
National Lawyers Guild at Oak Grove Berkeley restrain UC Berkeley Memorial Oak Grove oak gorve tree sit 1st rally
Memorial Oak Grove
Interfaith Blessing
Shame on you, UC Berkeley National Lawyers Guild Restraining Order for UC
Memorial Oak Grove
First Community Rally
November 9, 2006
a bubble for Buddha Army of None, Oak Grove  
Memorial Grove Maypole A Bubble for Buddha Army of None - Oak Grove  
Two tree-sitters descend Memorial Oak Grove Midnight Matt Dodt Cirkus Pandemonium Big Top at Memorial Oak Grove
Breaking News: Oak Grove
Two Tree-Sitters Descend
Midnight Matt Dodt
UC Berkeley's strategy to
Starve the Tree-Sit
Cirkus Pandemonium "Big Top" Memorial Oak Grove
UC Police Invade Memorial Oak Grove Antiqoia
UC Berkeley Police
"First Responders

Antioquia Band - Berkeley
Memorial Oak Grove

Oak Grove Spiritual Gathering
UC Police Raid
Memorial Oak Grove again
First days of the Memorial Oak Grove tree-sit Running Wolf Rigts of Free Speech Memorial Oak Grove Sylvia McLaughlin cal tree sit score board
Zachary Running Wolf
First days of Berkeley Tree-sit
UC Berkeley Police
reading rights of Free Speec
Sylvia McLaughlin
at Memorial Oak Grove
A Pictorial Essay:
Walk, Talk, Buck the Fence
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