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Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Community Indexradiation IndexSite History and Operation LBNL began as an accelerator laboratory in 1931, when Ernest O. Lawrence established the Radiation Laboratory with the construction of the 27-Inch Cyclotron on the UCB campus. The laboratory was moved to its present location in 1940, when the 184-Inch Cyclotron was built on a hill overlooking the campus and the City of Berkeley. During a period of rapid growth between 1940 and 1946, the original hillside laboratory (Old Town area) became crowded with temporary wooden buildings hastily erected in response to national defense needs. Further development during the 1950’s was more carefully planned, with the construction of permanent concrete and steel-frame structures east and west of the earlier buildings. From 1948 until 1972, LBNL was known as the Lawrence Radiation "Rad" Laboratory and was funded by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission and its successor agencies. The name was changed to the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in 1972 and changed again in 1995 to the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. In general, the structures of LBNL are DOE-owned, while the land is owned by UC and leased to DOE.
LBNL Community Involvement

Resource Conservation
and Recovery RCRA

LBNL's National Tritium Labeling Facility Tritium Emissions as reported .< FOR MORE >
Tritium Plume Position LBNL Tritium Plumes Position LBNL
Tritium output from NTLF 1990 - 1997  at LBNL LBNL reported HTO emission from 1982 to 1997
Lawrence Hall of Science Radiation      
Berkeley Nuclear Weapons closure of the tritium facility at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 2001 LBNL 101: A community Perspective LBNL Radiation Chronicles
LBNL Nuclear Weapons
Reserch City Forum
Closure of LBNL's Tritium
Labeling Facility
Berkeley National Lab 101
A Community Perspective
Lawrence Berkeley Lab
Radiation Chronicles
john Gofman - no safe dose Bevatron INDEX

LBNL Stewardship

Ionizing Radiation:

Bevatron INDEX
& Landmark Petition
DOE Stewardship
and the Berkeley lab

LBNL NANO Molecular Foundry History

LBNL RCRA Corrective Actions Radioactive Berkeley: No Safe Dose Campus Bay Toxics

LBNL Molecular
"NANO" Foundry History

RCRA Corrective Actions

Radiocative Berkeley
No Safe Dose

Campus Bay
Richmond Toxics

Bevatron down and dirty

contaminent Plumes at LBNL Lawrence Berkeley Molecular Nano Foundry LBNL Tritium
Down & Dirty

Contaminant Plumes Study
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Molecular "Nano" Foundry
Lawrence Berkeley Lab
Tritium Trickle Down
Community Protest
Tritium Issues Workgroup walk away from LBNL and US EPA Abolition 2000 Dr. Michio Kaku LBNL Long Range Development plan

Tritium Issues Community
Work Group

Abolition 2000
Eliminating Nuclear Weapons
Dr Michio Kaku
Abolition 2000
Lawrence Berkeley LRDP
Long Range Development 2007
It was war time...Emilio Segre Breeder reactors Glenn Seaborg IFEU Review  Radiological Monitoring at LBNL
Emilio Segrè
“It was wartime…

Breeder Reactors
Helen Caldicott

Glenn Seaborg

IFEU (Consultant) - Review
Radiological Monitoring LBNL
LBNL Community waste facility lawsuit

British Petroleum Helios

Helen Caldicott book A Desperate Passion "Berkeley Progressives say no to radioactive Tritium releases
LBNL - Waste Facility
Community Lawsuit

British Petroleum - Helios Energy Research Project

Dr. Helen Caldicott
Berkeley Tritium Releases
"Berkeley Progressives say no to radioactive Tritium releases
Baby Teeth study & Sr-90 Otto Smith radioactive waste from LBL Bevatron Melvin Calvin radiation Lab
Baby Teeth Study Sr-90
Dr. Janette Sherman, M.D
Dr. Otto J. M. Smith
and the Bevatron
Bevatron Radioactive
demolition and Debris
Melvin Calvin Radiation Lab,
UC Berkeley campus
radioactive Berkeley: Pathway to Exposure Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory   When Toxics Aren’t Toxic: Accelerating Environmental Cleanups Department of Energy - Stakeholder Comment MeetingLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory   When Toxics Aren’t Toxic: Accelerating Environmental Cleanups Department of Energy - Stakeholder CLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory   When Toxics Aren’t Toxic: Accelerating Environmental Cleanups Department of Energy - Stakeholder Comment Meetingomment Meeting
Radiocative Berkeley
Pathway to Exposure
LBNL Accelerating Environmental "Cleanups"

Tritium Issues Work Group
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LBNL's Sampling Taskforce
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Bevatron: Atom Smasher smashed Department of Energy Long-Term Stewardship and the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Helen Caldicott
Depleated Uranium DU
& DU weapons
Bevatron Demolition
Scoping Process
Long-Term Stewardship at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Medical Implications of Nuclear Energy - Dr. Helen Caldicott
LBNL Samplinh Taskforce SHAM Hiroshima 1965 Dr. Stern LBNL Long Range Development Plan  Notice of Preparation (NOP) nnn
Sampling Taskforce Protest Hiroshima 1965 - Dr Stern Long Range Development Plan
Notice of Preparation (NOP
Dr. Ernest Sternglass Health Risks
of Low-level Radiation

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